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The Santa Barbara Hackerspace is a fun and friendly setting for makers and hackers to build, experiment, and learn together.  We welcome all participants, no matter their level of skill or experience.  Our general meetings are on Saturdays from 2pm until late, and there are usually people here during the evenings on most weeknights.  Join the mailing list for updates!

  • Power Racing Series “Initial C” Maker Faire Bay Area 2017 Build Notes

    This year, at Maker Faire Bay Area 2017 we raced a cardboard Toyota Corolla Trueno AE86 styled after the one from Initial D Last year we had entered as an A-Team van built on top of a Razor crazy cart with the motor upgraded to the $80 hobby king 6374, but I broke all the […]

  • Raspberry Pi WiFi Guest Code Generator

    Over the weekend we built a WiFi guest code generator for our Unifi wireless network. The setup is built around a Raspberry Pi and USB thermal receipt printer. You can see the build in action below: The Raspberry Pi runs a simple python script waiting for an input from the button press. Once pressed the script […]


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Members are granted access to the Hackerspace according to their level of membership.

Advanced members ($100/month) are given a card granting them 24/7 access to the space, the projects, and all of the tools.

Standard members ($45/month) are welcome to come to the space and use the tools any time it is already open, and have the full experience and knowledge of our members at their disposal.

The Basic membership ($20/month) allows access to the space during restricted hours, and only when there are already members present.

In September 2013 we became a federally-recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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If you like what we do here at the Santa Barbara Hackerspace and want to show your support without signing up for the monthly membership than please donate.  Donations are tax deductible thanks to our 501(c)3 non-profit status, and go directly to funding and improving the Santa Barbara Hackerspace facilities.  Please contact Mike Bales for corporate or one-time donations including donations of equipment.

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