Yamaha YK440 scara robotic arm

Yamaha YK440 scara robotic arm

The Hackerspace recently acquired a Yamaha YK440 scara robotic arm, QRC-2 controller, and manual. There are all sorts of things this could be used for.  However before we start getting creative with it it needs a little TLC. Currently the controller powers up but it seems that the power supply is not sending power out to the arm. To remedy this the controller has been disassembled and some testing done but no luck as of yet.  we’ll update this post with progress as we work on this shiny new toy.

After a fair amount of troubleshooting, disassembly, we have given up on using the original controller. Since this arm uses DC motors with optical encoders as servos, building a basic driver for this should be fairly straight forward. The challenge we be supply the 75v at 2 amps to the four motors and driving them, as that will require a fairly beefy power supply and H-Bridge setup. More details on our driver and PSU to come.

a yamaha yk440 and qrc-2 controller

a yamaha yk440 and qrc-2 controller

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