WTW: Summary of Dec 18, 2013 Meeting (with links)

WTW: Summary of Dec 18, 2013 Meeting (with links)

Talk 1 (of 1)Create Your First “Native” Mobile App with JavaScript + PhoneGap

    – Intro to PhoneGap (create native-ish mobile apps using JavaScript/HTML/CSS)
    – Example app: Encrypted Anti-TODO List
        – Store encrypted list on untrusted server, create new list items and query from phone
    – Writing this simple app inspired a more general solution I’m working on: CrypTag
    Client side: JavaScript, PhoneGap, SJCL (Stanford JavaScript Crypto Library)
    Server side: Trivial Python web app (Flask)
Difficulty: Easy/Intermediate
    – Familiarity with JavaScript is recommended, as is a desire to create mobile apps!
Speaker: Steve Phillips
    Twitter: @elimisteve
Duration: ~30 minutes

Event Summary

Talk 1 (slides):
– Explained PhoneGap v. alternatives
– Showed people how simple it is to make basic PhoneGap apps by going through a basic example app
    – Basic example app I’d written: “Encrypted Anti-TODO List” [SOURCE CODE COMING SOON]
– Explained CrypTag, the spiritual successor to Encrypted Anti-TODO
    – “CrypTag: Encrypted, Taggable, Searchable Web Storage”
After the core of Talk 1:
– Showed people this Go code example to show off its concurrency support
    – Someone asked why I like Go, which I apparently mention in every conversation and talk regardless of what it’s supposed to be about
– Went through an exercism.io exercise of taking ugly code I wrote and making it waaay better with the help of the exercism.io community
    – Encouraged people to join exercism.io so I can add them to the exercism.io team, thereby making it easier for us to give each other feedback on code we write
– Talked a bit about what’s in store for WebTech Wednesday in 2014
    – Nodebots? Docker? Ansible? D3? pandas?
– Mentioned the TA3M chapter AJ is starting here in SB, which he then told us a bit about
– Pre- and post-talk discussions included D3, Docker, Bitcoin, and more
Thanks for coming, everyone!  See you in January for the next WebTech Wednesday.
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Co-founder of Santa Barbara Hackerspace. Programmer. Thinker. Creator. I love Go, cryptography, distributed systems, democratizing forces, and revolutionary projects.

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