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Co-founder of Santa Barbara Hackerspace


Name: Steve Phillips (Email)

Primary Alias: elimisteve (Current Blog; Twitter; Google Profile)

Hacker Alias: fraktil (Old Hacking Blog; Twitter; Google Profile)

Co-founder of SB Hackerspace. Creator of Decentra and MakeItBigg.

Workaholic. Programmer. Linux Lover. Python Pusher. Budding Tech Entrepreneur.

Skills and Interests

  • Web Development (Python + Django, Ruby + Rails, Go + Google App Engine)
  • Mobile Development (iPhone and Android app dev via Appcelerator's Titanium)
  • Other programming (Bash, Arduino, C, Python, Go)
  • Proto-hacking w/Linux
  • Linux (Bash scripting, Sys Admin; strongly preferred OS, though fluent with Windows and OS X)
  • Entrepreneurship
    • Hackerspace now, tech startup later

Desired Skills

  • God-like programming powers
  • In short, every technical skill I need to create a tech company I'm excited about
    • Web services with a mobile app and web app frond-end, Rails back-end
    • Business acumen
  • Arduino, microcontrollers, general electronics knowledge
  • Web Design
    • HTML/CSS/JS+jQuery
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