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     Name:     Roger Burnham
    Alias:     Blennylips: My home on the Web
      YOB:     1952
   School:     University of Utah 1980, BA's in Physics & Math
   Status:     Retired in 2002 to the desert island of Bonaire, mainly for the scuba diving
 Religion:     Ex-Mormon, and, until Reformed Druidism is invented (NOT these heretics!),
               I'm a devout gnu atheist and a Pastafarian (Ramen) on weekends

Job History

Mostly I've been a "Scientific Programmer" for small high tech companies. Some highlights, most recent first:

  1. Windows platform required - Big learning curve for me!
  2. Introduced Python as core company tool
  3. Wrote serial interface code for Python 1.5.2 & many win32 functions all given back to the open source python effort
  4. Most Fun: Spending months in Japan & Korea & Kentucky perfecting, installing, and then training operators on a system to measure stress in flat panel display glass right after it is formed (robots! meter square glass sliding around on an air table!)
  1. Solaris workstations
  2. I specialized in taking PGT's off-the-shelf software and scripting customized solutions for customers.
  3. Most fun: An automated GSR package for the Connecticut State Forensics Laboratory (ran by Henry Lee of the OJ Trial fame). Involved computer control of a SEM, EDS,and an automated sample stage to test upwards of 100 samples at a time in overnight unattended runs
  1. Unix & embedded systems
  2. Heath Physics monitoring software for nuclear power plants
  3. Most Fun: Traveling to Vienna Austria and presented Canberra's proposed hand held radiation detector to the IAEA for use of the UN inspectors (sadly, we were not chosen)

Skills and Interests

Desired Skills to Learn

Learn to be useful to my neighbors, as advised by James Howard Kunstler, for the coming Long Emergency; by learning:

  • 3D printing
  • Software tools for same; SketchUp, Maya, Blender, etc
  • Electronics; ala Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc
  • Cryptography and internet security for the coming war on general purpose computing
  • For dessert, find some way to help the Occupy movement
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