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The computer network at SBHX provides communication with much of our equipment as well as the Internet.


The SBHX network provides NAT-ed IPv4 connectivity and full IPv6 connectivity to members and guests alike. Simply connect your computer and allow your system to auto-configure itself. Things should Just Work (tm).

If you have trouble, ensure your computer has these settings:

Gateway DNS server
IPv4 (wired) (wireless)
IPv6 fe80::1 fe80::1

Names and Addresses


DNS service is available on and fe80::1 on all SBHX networks.

Most internal services use the domain, the domain for the wired network. When adding a new service to the network, make sure to assign it address (A/AAAA) and reverse (PTR) records to /var/nsd/zones/, increment the serial number in the SOA record at the top, and apply your changes with nsd-control reload.

Please ensure that A/AAAA records are kept in sync with PTR records. They are maintained in the same file, so make no excuses!

IPv4 Addresses

The SBHX network uses the range of IPv4 addresses internally and passes Internet-bound traffic through NAT.


Range Mask Gateway Description Legacy network Wired network Wireless network

Legacy network (no new allocations) Wired network Wireless network Remote networks unallocated
Legacy network (no new allocations)
Static allocation Reserved to avoid conflict with VPNs, test networks
Wired network
Static allocation Dynamic allocation unused
Wireless network
Static allocation Dynamic allocation unused
Remote networks
VPN unused

IPv6 Addresses

The SBHX network uses the 2001:470:f34d::/48 range of IPv6 addresses. Two subnets are currently in use:

Range Gateway Description
2001:470:f34d:0::/64 fe80::1 Wired network
2001:470:f34d:3::/64 fe80::1 Wireless network

Static allocations in each of these networks start at the bottom of their address ranges, while dynamic allocations are stateless.

The subnet numbers were chosen based on VLAN numbers.

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