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What is Santa Barbara Hackerspace?

Santa Barbara Hackerspace is a fun place to make interesting things with smart people. Our activities range from robotics and electronics to web development, mobile apps, and computer security. Come join us!

For more information and updates, subscribe to the SB Hackerspace Google Group. You can also follow us on Twitter, check out our blog posts, or chat with us in your browser.


Have a look at the other exciting Projects we have planned! If you have an original idea for a project, add it to the list, and definitely email it to us through the SB Hackerspace Google Group.

The projects we've broken down into specific subtasks can be seen at We started doing this in October 2011.


These classes aren't quite weekly, but they're pretty close. Join the Google Group to receive the announcements so it's clear which days which classes are meeting:

Upcoming Classes

To request a class, come to a meeting! I (Steve/elimisteve/User:fraktil) have considered teaching an online programming class (probably in Python). Let me know if you'd be interested.

Want to become a Amateur Radio Operator or Ham, check out the informational page at Ham Licence Info Page?

For more info, see Classes

Old Classes

These classes are no longer offered.

Intro to Hardware Hacking met Thursdays @ 6:30pm until November 2010

Ethical Hacking with Linux met Fridays @ 6:30pm (and streamed live to Ustream!) until November 2010

* Telephony Tuesday

* 3D Printer Thursday


Meeting Location

We meet (almost) every Saturday at noon in the hackerspace, located in Goleta.

To receive meeting announcements, subscribe to the Google Group. Announcements are cross-posted to our blog.

Member Info

Becoming A Member

We have 3 tiers of membership: Padawan( $10/month), Jedi knight ($35/month) and Jedi Grand Master ($100/month).

Membership grants you access to the 4,000 sq.ft. SBHX facility including: use of equipment (subject to training), support with projects and intellectual firepower. Plus you get to experience that warm fuzzy feeling that comes with supporting Santa Barbara's only Hackerspace.

About Us

Our backgrounds range from engineering, programming, Linux sys admin, math, and networking, to biology, philosophy, and Reddit.

We welcome geeks of all backgrounds, ages, genders, races, sexual orientations, and anything I may have left out!


Tools We Have

  • Bench top mill/lathe in one [1]
  • Bench top drill press
  • Full compliment of hand tools
  • HP 1715a Dual trace 200MHz Analog oscilloscope [2]
  • Rigol 1052e 50MHz DSO (hacked to 100MHz) [3]
  • Soldering irons
  • Hot air rework station
  • UV Resist method PCB etching equipment
  • Computers with 3D CAD software
  • Development tools for PIC, AVR, PICAXE and Arduino
  • Open Logic Sniffer logic analyzer [4]
  • JTAG programmer for CPLDs and FPGAs
  • Mutoh Pen Plotter (works sort of, currently working on a proper interface)
  • Scroll saw, band saw, router table, rotary saw, and jig saw
  • MakerBot CupCake 3D printer [5]
  • A large assortment of development boards/platforms [6]
  • IBM BladeCenter with a variety of blades [7]

Tools We're Getting

  • CNC mill/lathe [8]
  • Signal generator

Traffic Stats

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How to Edit this Wiki

If you'd like a new account, contact elimisteve. (We've had problems with spam(bots) so we made account creation un-automatable.)

Once you've got a login, you're all set! Check out this MediaWiki Cheatsheet for syntax tips.

To upload files, click here, or click the "Upload file" link in the "toolbox" panel on the left side of any wiki page.

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