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Swiss (aka Mike) and Wade have begun construction on a Glove Box, which is sort of like a table top sized clean room. The box is a two foot cube with a Lexan viewing window, HEPA filter, fans, lights, power strip and gloves. Its purpose to manipulate objects in an extremely clean and dust free environment. It can be used to disassemble dead hard drives and transfer the platters to a working drive in order to recover the data. It can also be used to apply screen protectors, prepare slides, handle dangerous materials, and many others.


The box is made from half inch plywood with the inside surfaces covered in 8 millimeter plastic sheeting. The ply wood is screwed together along the sides of the cubes and the seems are sealed with silicon. There is a one foot diagonal viewing window made from 1/16 inch Lexan sealed with silicon. The fans and filters are still being discussed but they will provide filtration to 1 micron or better and supply a positive internal pressure to prevent dust from getting into leaks. Inside the box will be 3 18 inch fluorescent lamps to provide ample lighting, and a power strip to provide power to the lights and things being worked on in the box. We may also have a USB ports, SATA port, IDE Cable, and other connections available.

A/C powered 90CFM 120mm fans are not strong enough when used with ULPA filters.

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Glove box under construction
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