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3D Printers

The SB Hackerspace has a handful RepRap-derived 3d printers members can use.

Using 3d Printer Oveveiw

  1. Design a watertight mesh in your package of choice. Blender, Inventor, Solidworks, FreeCAD, SketchUp, 123d design all work.
  2. Convert your STL file to the commands for the printer using Cura. Save to SD or your desktop
  3. Start the print on the printer from the LCD or octoprint.

Cura Setup

  1. Download Cura from https://software.ultimaker.com/
  2. Choose "Other" as machine type CuraSetup01.png
  3. Choose "Custom..." as machine CuraSetup02.png
  4. Enter the machine details from the Machine Profiles list below. This is for the Mendel Max 2.0 CuraSetup03.png
  5. File -> Import Profile the .ini profile from the Machine Profiles list below. CuraSetup04.png

Cura Operation

  • Basic navigation
  • Loading models
  • Positioning and orienting models
  • Saving GCode to SD and desktop
  • Support material

Platform adhesion types

Machine profiles

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