The New Makerspace!

The New Makerspace!

Some big news coming from the Makerspace this month — we’re growing!

We’ll be moving to a new unit in the building where we’re currently renting (158 Aero Camino in Goleta). We’ll be moving from unit A to unit D, which means a move from 450 sqft to 1600+ sqft. We began the move in project last weekend by patching, sanding, and painting the new unit. There is still a lot of work to be done in the next week. The plan is to be more or less fully moved in around May 15th. Some new features of the new space include… our own restroom, shower, kitchen area, and a dedicated workshop area for large, noisy or dirty machinery.

The new space will be divided into three areas: (1) the electronics area for hardware projects including soldering, 3D printing, embedded programming, debugging, etc; (2) a software area where we will have tables, network connectivity, a number of tables and couches, projector, monitors, etc; and (3) an area for machine tools, PCB making, wood and metal working, and anything generally dirty or noisy.

New project

The new space will make classes, workshops, and meetings much easier as there will be a large dedicated flexible space for people to meet and work. In this vein, if anyone would like to organize a class or Meetup in the new space, please let us know so we can begin scheduling and outreach. We are also going to begin active advertising to try and grow the space and make it the best it can be. As part of our new space we will be adding a large number of wood-working tools which, up to this point, have been in storage.

We also are launching the site, this is intended to be our outreach site our efforts with the Santa Barbara library, and other organisations. This was done as there is unfortunately still a negative connotation to the word hacker. With this in mind we’ve created the site to help organize our volunteers for the library collaboration and other organisations as we grow.

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