The Big Announcement!

The Big Announcement!

The time has come to make our big secret announcement we’ve been holding back for the past couple of months!

The Santa Barbara Hackerspace is moving.
This is great news for us and our members. We have found a new location in a better area, with more room, and much better suited to us. We have been looking to move for a while now as we are quickly out growing our current offices, and we have found a great place off Thornwood drive, just down Hollister in Goleta. As with any move we are looking for volunteers to help us get everything moved. If you don’t want to help by physically moving things (and who could blame you) you can also help by donating to our indiegogo here: . The funds raised will go towards moving costs, ie renting trucks, pallets, shipping materials, etc. In addition money raised will help cover improvements like adding 220V outlets, furniture and fixtures, etc. You can also donate directly by clicking the donate button on our homepage.

Photos of the new space will be coming soon, as well as a floor plan. We are very excited for all the possibilities in the new space and will be upping our outreach to the community to help us grow into the new space and improve our offerings. We will also be upping our class game, including the eagle cad class, and 3D printer building class, after the move to help get us established in the new building.

For the move we have divided the space into zones, each of which has a director in charge of getting everything boxed and ready for the move, in addition to leading the ubloading and setup at the new space. If you would like to volunteer please email and we’ll get you signed up and assigned to a zone. Moving will start May 15th and we have 2 weeks to complete it. A short deadline to be sure, but I think we can pull it off.

Facts and / or figures:
Concrete Floors: No more losing tiny surface mount parts in the carpet
Roll up doors: No more having to maneuver through an alley, we have 2 roll up doors with easy access for big projects
More space: The new space will have an extra 1000sqft of common space everyone can use
Parking: we have a guaranteed 10 spaces available to us at all times
Power: we have 120, 220, and 440 volt outlets available for all your power needs
Building: The new building is one big building, no more navigating an alley to get between the machine shop and electronics rooms. In addition, no more leaky roof!

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  • By dave brehl 14 May 2015

    when is the move taking place? Weekend of 5/16 ?

    I can help for about 3 hrs, what is best time.

    Also, Nick said it might be possible to help with cash flow by pre-paying several months in advance. I can do something of this.


    Dave Brehl
    805 252-0083

    • By MBales 18 May 2015

      Hi Dave, the big move will be this weekend, 5/23 – 5/24. As far as helping monetarily we would appreciate a donation to our indiegogo campaign at

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