Sumo Bot 3D Printed Parts


Sumo Bot 3D Printed Parts


If you're looking to start in robots and want a simple and inexpensive starter chassis than look no further. Our 3D printed Sumo Bot chassis and wheels are made from biodegradable PLA and can take quite a beating. The chassis is designed to fit 2 standard sized full rotation servos and the kit comes with printed wheels that mate with the servos. The chassis also has a space designed to fit a 4 AA battery holder and space on top to fit an Arduino Uno, as well as room for other sensors. Some suggestions would be 2 reflectance sensors below the scoop to detect lines / surface edges for cliff avoiding or line following. We use these 3D printed parts in our sumo bot classes and they have proven to be up to the task and easy enough for most anyone to assemble and use. All parts are made in house at the Santa Barbara Hackerspace by our staff of volunteers. When placing your order there is a notes field where you can specify wheel and chassis color, otherwise it will be whatever colors we have on hand.

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