Cyanotype Class


Cyanotype Class


The Santa Barbara Hackerspace is hosting a cyanotype class on December 8th 2013. It will be lead by Kayla Pence, she is a professional photographer and Brooks Institute graduate, you can see her work at The class is open to everyone and we advise ages 6 and up (with a parent or guardian). In the class we will be going over some photographic history, and chemistry and making cyanotypes and should last around 3 hours. For the class please bring a photo file, or object(s) you would like to make into a cyanotype. A good example object to bring in would be a leaf which make for some very beautiful cyanotypes. At the end of the class each student will have 2 4×6 cyanotypes to take home and display. A sample cyanotype is shown on the left.

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