SBHX Board Meeting

SBHX Board Meeting

The Santa Barbara Hackerspace Board Meeting will be held Saturday June 22nd, starting at 6pm. It will be held at the Santa Barbara Hackerspace located at 158 Aero Camino Ste. D in Goleta. Topics will include rebranding, further expanision, budget, membership benefits, projects, events, classes, and such. The board meeting is open to both members and the public so feel free to stop in and join us.

The agenda is as follows (subject to change, these times are estimates):
6:00 – call to order and roll call
6:10 – Nominations and vote for new / replacement board members
6:20 – Discuss financial and membership statement and review
6:30 – Discuss rebranding, possible expansion, classes, changes to membership benefits, events, partnerships, etc
7:15 – Open forum for members to raise issues or concerns
7:30 – Close meeting

EDIT: below are the Santa Barbara Hackerspace board meetings notes, as recorded by the board secretary Garret.

Roll Call
Mike “Swiss” Bales (CEO)
Steve Phillips (CFO)
Garrett Holmstrom (secretary)
Rod Fritz
Mike Kapuscik
Dan Miller-Smith

Board membership changes
Christopher Teague resigned as secretary
AGREED: Garrett Holmstrom chosen as new secretary (+4)
Eric Terry, treasurer, stopped attending
Treasurer role encompasses outreach, collection or dues, and finance.
AGREED: Outreach and new member introductions are the responsibility
of everyone. No officer role is required to do this. (+5)
Swiss does Hackerspace transactions using the dedicated card
AGREED: Treasurer role not yet defined well enough; tabled until next
meeting (+5)

Space expansion
The building owner can gift space to the Hackerspace and get tax
benefits once non-profit registration is done, making rent
substantially lower. The Hackerspace can use some of that space for
heavy machinery and lease some of it to startups to help cover the
AGREED: Dan Miller-Smith will oversee this effort
AGREED: Dan is granted a seat on the board to help with that (+5)

Grant writing
Mary Bahnken (AJ’s mom) offered to help with grant proposal writing
Grant proposals require finished non-profit status and excellent bookkeeping.
IDEA: Have a CPA evaluate the books periodically
Communication about accounting must be very good, whether whoever
keeps the books is on the board or not.
ACTION: Steve and Dan to work on a writeup for financial roles and
such for next meeting

Around 40 members in the database, 22 or 23 paying
How many members do we need to support the space financially?
Rod: membership dues alone can be limiting when we can get support from

Rent: $1000/mo ($1650 total, Syndicate Pro pays $650)
Utilities: ~$110/mo ($225 total, Syndicate Pro pays half)
Insurance: ~$200/mo ($2300/yr)

Dues: ~$800/mo (Mike Bales has details)

Net loss: ~$510/mo (covered by Mike Bales)

Membership tiers
We should distinguish between different tiers of membership
Current levels: 0, 10, 35, 100
Free members have still filled out the paperwork
Insurance covers all on the grounds, not just members
Some regulars can’t afford dues, but may still donate things

The library partnership and simultaneous introduction of the name
“Santa Barbara Makerspace” have caused confusion.
“Santa Barbara Hackerspace” and “Santa Barbara Makerspace” are
relatively generic, and consequently more difficult to develop a brand
around. Consider Nullspace and Noisebridge.
Grant proposals should not contain “Hackerspace.”
Final review for non-profit paperwork usually takes two to three
months, followed by around six weeks before receiving the paperwork.
Proposal: Keep the corporation’s name and create a DBA for the ‘space
under its new name.
ACTION: Preston will research how viable it is to change the
corporation’s name.
AGREED: The library partnership did not create a separate
organization. It should not have a separate name. (+6)
AGREED: We will change the business name of Santa Barbara
Hackerspace, Inc. if it is practical to do so. (+6)
ACTION: Steve to create a google form to gather name ideas from everyone
ACTION: Steve will send a draft of an announcement around
IDEA: We should have a media release of some sort immediately after
the name changes.
AGREED: Name suggestions will close two weeks after Steve sends the
survey announcement to the google group. (+5)

New space
ACTION: Dan and Steve will gather info about finances.
ACTION: Swiss will create CAD drawings for electricity, room layouts, etc.
AGREED: Discussion on the space next door are postponed until next
week, when we have more info.

More on membership tiers
Discounts starting at $10
IDEA: Build up trust for things like 24/7 access by requiring tenure
or sponsorship from existing members
IDEA: Tiers should be rewarding, not punitive. Access should be
based on trust, not payment.
There may be legal/insurance rules that we need to follow for people under 18.
ACTION: Mike and Swiss to work on a proposal for membership tiers,
forms, introduction process, etc.

Question: How should we manage classes?
IDEA: session-by-session fees for general classes
Grants and payments for classes may not go well together.
IDEA: Use unit B if we need a separate space for distraction-less classes
We need to require training classes for hazardous equipment.
IDEA: Use key cards to regulate access to equipment.
We need teachers!

Open floor
Bob: doesn’t work.
ACTION: Swiss will work on
Rod: We could put on a Mini-Makerfaire for younger audiences.
Preston and Dr. John have looked into this before.
We may need to get endorsement before we can use that name.
We should also find a sponsor.
HELP: Prospective renters for the space next door needed

Next meeting
Discussion, decision about new space next door

Next board meeting: 29 Jun 2013

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