Nexus 4 Wireless Charger Teardown

Nexus 4 Wireless Charger Teardown

I recently purchased a Nexus 4 and the Nexus 4 wireless charger. In typical hacker style I used it for a few days and then decided to make it better. The wireless charger works quite well, though it is a bit slow to charge. My only gripe is that the phone is held on the charger at a 30 or so degree angle with a sticky rubber pad, and that if either are dirty it slowly slips down misaligning the coils and stopping the charge. This being the case I decided to tear the inductive charger apart and put it in my own casing. Looking around for a teardown I was unable to find one so I’ve made my own.
2013-03-21 15.03.34

Examining the unit there are no visible screws or easy pry points. After some poking and prying I found four screws under the rubber pad on the front of the unit. Attempting to unscrew the four screws proved dfruitless and it was much easier to drill them out.
2013-03-21 15.03.49

When drilling out the screws be careful as they are surrounded by a PCB, though it is only a ground plane and hitting it shouldnt do any noticible damage to the charging abilities. After removing the screws you will need a plastic spudger to pry off the front face and expose the coil and PCB.
2013-03-21 15.04.11
Once the pcb is visible gently pull outward and swing it to the right. It is attached by a few wires to the micro-usb port on the back of the unit.
2013-03-21 15.05.07
After moving the front PCB and coil there is a single screw holding the micro-usb port in place, un-screw it and you’re done.
2013-03-21 15.05.31

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