Media Switcher, SBHX style

Media Switcher, SBHX style

As part of our new space we have ceiling mounted a projector with only one composite and VGA connector. To remedy this and enable us to plug in our SNES, PS3, N64, and computers in we purchased an inexpensive video switcher from monoprice.
2013-06-01 16.40.00 The video switcher uses an IR remote to switch between signals, but that was way too easy. To fix that we decided it should be arduino controlled. Rather than wiring the muxes to the Arduino directly (way too easy) we decide to use an IR laser fiber optic transceiver and a length of fiber optic cable. The fiber optic cable is mostly used to keep the 100mw IR lasers from blinding everyone in its path, and since we had it laying around we might as well put it to use.

To pull this off we hooked up an IR receiver to the arduino and captured the IR signal output by the video switchers remote. We then put together a quick arduino sketch to send the IR signal over a PWM pin to the IR transceiver to send the signal. Once we were able to send the signal from the arduino a small mod to the video switcher attached the fiber optic cable right in front of the IR receiver and we were off.2013-06-01 16.44.44

Disassembling the Video switcher is rather easy. It is held together with four screws, three under the rubber feet and the fourth under the sticker on the bottom. Once removed some gentle prying pulls the unit apart exposing the rather bare interior.2013-06-01 16.40.21
2013-06-01 16.41.31

And here is the final product. Code will be posted soon.
2013-06-01 16.45.00

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