Mechatronic Monday

Mechatronic Monday

The Santa Barbara Hackerspace is now hosting regular meetings on the first Monday of every month based around all things electronic and mechanical. Uptronic’s Tyson Messori has been leading the meetings and is a wealth of knowledge on robotics. The meetings begin at 6:00 pm and generally last around two hours. All skill levels and ages are welcome to attend and join in the fun.

The Mechatronic Monday group is currently working on a little competition to get everyone involved. Our first project is to build a line following robot to navigate an electric tape course with increasing difficulty as we progress. The competition will start off simply, just navigate a line and return to the start box. Each month the requirements will increase in complexity, with the final goal to build a “bomb disposal” bot. THe bot will have to follow a line, retrieve a “bomb” and deposit it to a safe area before returning to the start point.

The goal of Mechatronic Mondays will be to get build the groups skills in electronics, programming, and robotics design. Once the line follower competition is complete there will be more challenges that follow a similar curve. Meeting attendees will be broken up into groups with an experienced mentor at the helm to guide them. The competitions will start with a simple concept and build upon that to create new and innovative robots. For more information please join our google group or email

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  • By Selena 14 Jan 2015

    That’s spot on, Ian. Diagnostic equipment and sotrawfe are very important. We are leaning towards Solidworks but need to have the full CAD CAM path covered. We also need to have good space separation and ventilation for specific work areas. We’re still working out how many work areas. Soldering, laser cutting and 3D printing definitely, but woodwork? Welding? Re robots? What’s your choice? I’ve just seen Baxter unveiled and love the idea of having one for Robot Garden.

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