Maker Faire 2015

Maker Faire 2015

What a weekend we had at the 2015 Bay Area Maker Faire. We brought a number of projects which were a big hit, and talked to a lot of people about them. It was a long weekend and we all had a lot of fun showing off the hackerspace and seeing all the great projects everyone brought. For more information please email or join our mailing list here, or hop in the occasionally active IRC here. We will be updating this post with photos and videos once we have recovered.

Here are the details for some of the projects we brought that we promised more info on

The SBHX electric skateboard has a 4 HP brushless DC motor, controlled by a Vedder ESC. We machined a mounting bracket at the shop and will be posting the CAD file shortly. The board is controlled by an aftermarket Wii nunchuck controller and we will post the link to that shortly as well. It has a 4S 6ah lithium polymer batter for power.

Raspberry Apple Pi:

Built by SBHX member chad page, the teensy code to convert the Apple ][e keyboard to USB is available here. We were running an apple ][e emulator called Chameleon Pi.


Made by SBHX member Mike “Swiss” Bales, the exact full source code and board files will be published shortly and will be available here shortly. I’m still working on building the page so please excuse the terribleness. The Tracksoar is built around an ATMEGA 328p running the Arduino bootloader and  a modified version of the Trackuino firmware. It uses a Radiometrix 2 meter transmitter putting out 300mw. I am in the process of setting up a kickstarter page for this project and hope to have it up and running somewhere around the end of June and beginning of April.


Built by Nick Winters, the SBHXY is a 3D printer base on the CoreXY 3D printer. More info coming soon, once I convince Nick to update this.


Musical White Board:
We brought our formerly broken Smart Board that now is a midi instrument to Maker faire. Below is a video of it running. Further right on the X axis sends higher notes on the MIDI scale.

The sketch is running on an arduino Leonardo using the “arcore” libraries in Arduino 1.6 for MIDI USB support.

The wiring to the 4 pin resistive panel is the following:

  • red: 5V
  • white: Leonardo pin A0. Also connected to one leg of 8.2K ohm resistor, the other leg going to GND.
  • black: Not connected. This is the Y axis pin
  • green: GND

Mayan Coins Cast in Pewter:
Dr. John Gomm had at our booth his latest laser cut molds and coins. The molds were laser cut from 1/8 inch MDF. He has written up an explanation of the process on instructables:

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