Intro To Circuit Design Class

Intro To Circuit Design Class

I am happy to announce our second class of 2015: Intro to Eagle CAD / Circuit Design

To Sign up please visit:
and select the Eagle CAD class and checkout, payment is available via PAYPAL, credit, Cash, or Check. If you would like to pay with cash or check please email so we can reserver your spot for the class.

The class is currently scheduled to last for four weeks, with one class per week lasting one hour each.. The class assumes zero knowledge of Eagle CAD and PCB / circuit design, though the depth of the class will likely be informative for those familiar with Eagle CAD. PCBs are the heart of most every modern electronic device and being able to create them can be an extremely useful skill for executing most any electronic device.

Eagle CAD is a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) design tool with a version of the software available for free. It is widely used by the hobbyist community (including at the Hackerspace) and is a powerful tool for PCB creation. Eagle CAD includes tools for creating a schematic and generating a PCB from the schematic.

Below is the class outline which outlines the goals of the class and what will be covered. The class will be taught by Mike “Swiss” Bales and other SB Hackerspace members.

Class sign ups are now live, please visit the SBHX store at:
to sign up. The official schedule is as follows:
First class – Monday 8/3/15 6pm – 7:30 (possibly 8pm depending on how quickly we cover the material. All classes will be the same hours)
Second class – Thursday 8/13/15
Third class – Thursday 8/20/15
Fourth class – Thursday 8/27/15
If necessary there will be a fifth class following the same schedule.
Beginning Eagle CAD

An Intro to Using Eagle CAD to design circuits and PCBs


Class Outline and Goals:

The goal of this class is to teach participants with no CAD or circuit design knowledge the necessary skills  to take an idea and develop it into a working circuit / PCB. PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) are an integral part of nearly all modern electronic devices. Eagle CAD is one of the most popular entry level tools available for developing schematics and PCBs. The class will cover every step of the PCB design process from schematic design, PCB layout, production, and assembly.



A computer capable of running Eagle CAD (specs and download available at: )

A desire to learn how to create an electronic device with a PCB


Class Schedule:

The class will be held over the course of four weeks, with one, one hour classes per week (specific dates to be announced).


Included in The Class:

a USB thumb drive with Eagle CAD installers, and some of the more useful parts libraries

A copy of all materials covered in the class

A PCB and electronic components to create a device designed during the class

Class Schedule:

Class 1:

Why use Eagle CAD

Installing Eagle CAD (on Windows, Mac, and Linux)

Navigating the Eagle UI

Creating a new project, Schematic, and PCB

Installing additional libraries

Using Github for revision control and collaboration


Class 2:

Adding parts to a schematic

Connecting components and nets

Schematic best practices


Class 3:

Creating a PCB from schematic

Part placement and signal routing

PCB layout best practices

Working in 2 layers, Vias, Planes


Class 4:

Assembling a completed PCB

Making a PCB at home / sending a PCB for manufacture


Debugging PCB errors  and iterating designs



Class Fee:

The class fee is $35 for non-members and  covers the materials included in the class and a fee to help fund the space and make more classes like this possible.

SBHX member’s fee is $25

We want to make our classes as available as possible, if you would like to attend the class but are unable to pay the fee please email us for other arrangements.



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  • By Paulanz 20 Jul 2015

    Hi – sound great but I’m confused as the dates listed say Monday, but none of these dates actually are Mondays…Let me know – also, I can post it to local community calendars if you like. Let me know where you think it makes sense to promote it, and I’m happy to take that on. Lastly – can you add social media sharing or ShareThis widget to the blog? Then it’s easy to post in a lot of places. Cheers, P

    • By MBales 20 Jul 2015

      Good catch, must have been tired when i posted that. I have updated the dates to the correct ones. Any help getting the word out about the class would be greatly appreciated. I’ll look into setting that up and let you know when i have something.

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