Fiddling with the cupcake

Fiddling with the cupcake

Just got an order of PLA from the folks at so I thought I’d take it for a test run. It’s slightly pricier than the options at makershed, makerbot, and a few other suppliers, at $48 per kilo . They claim it was purpose made for 3D printing so I thought it would be worth a try, the order shipped quickly and came with a hand written note apologizing for the delay in shipping. is based in LA and gets their plastic from a supplier in new zealand. I’m glad to say my initial fears of the pack arriving upside down (bad southern hemisphere joke) were unfounded.

Previously we had printed exclusively with ABS so there will be some adjustments needed to our profiles before we get really good as good a print as we had with ABS, news theothermike and Dr John will not enjoy. Initial results are promising, the PLA is much more gooey compared to ABS and stay soft quite a bit longer when the print has finished. Also of note, the 3% shrinkage we got with the ABS is not an issue, which is nice when mocking up designs in cad. It also sticks to the heated build platform and shows no warping on the bottom corners (at least one the couple of test prints I’ve done thus far. Below are some pictures showing the PLA in black and ABS in blue for comparisons of print quality.

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