Community Guidelines

Below are the official Santa Barbara Hackerspace community guidelines. These are a set of general rules to govern use of our facilities and tools by members and the community at large.

  1. Keep the Hackerspace safe. Do not die or injure anyone.
    • Use appropriate safety equipment. We provide eye protection, ear protection, and face masks.
    • Have a buddy when working in the shop or using dangerous tools. In the event of an emergency a buddy can help you out. If an emergency happens at the Hackerspace, use any phone to dial 911. In the event of a notable non-emergency contact 805-242-2533.
    • Label liquids and clean them up when you are not using them. Mystery containers full of unknown liquids lead to injury and damage as they are handled improperly.
    • Do not die or injure anyone.
  2. Keep the Hackerspace functional.
    • Use tools correctly. If you are unsure of how to operate a tool please ask a member who does either in person or using Slack, IRC, the Google Group, or by e-mail.
    • Report damaged tools so we can get them fixed. Damaged tools are more dangerous and less useful than non-damaged tools.
    • Replace the materials you use. We have small amounts of common consumables in stock, including 3D printer filament, wood, and basic electronic components. You are free to use them, but when you do please replace what you use or make a donation so we can keep them available to everyone.
  3. Keep the Hackerspace clean. We are all volunteers; there is no staff here to clean up after you.
    • Put tools away. If you are unsure of where something belongs, ask.
    • Do not remove Hackerspace tools from the Hackerspace. If you need to borrow something for a project please e-mail the Hackerspace.
    • Please ask before donating things. Your donation may be redundant, and we do not accept old computers as donations.
    • Clean your workspace before you leave. Leaving projects, tools, or debris out makes the Hackerspace less usable for everyone. Storage bins are available to Standard members and above.
      If you need even more storage, e-mail the Hackerspace.
    • Keep paint, oil, and other fluids off of the Hackerspace floor and driveway. We do not have the facilities for handling used oil.
    • Clean used glassware and return it to the fume hood.

Our goal is to provide space and equipment to the community. Use it to build awesome stuff. Think you’re working on something that might be interesting, or stuck on a problem with a project? Send us images and descriptions and we’ll let everyone know.

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