Bay Area Maker Faire 2014

Bay Area Maker Faire 2014

The SBhackerspace will have a booth at the 2014 bay area maker faire held in san mateo again this year. We are very excited to attend and definitely had a good time at last years maker faire. We learned a lot from last year and plan on upping our game quite a bit. We will be debuting 2 new hackerspace developed projects this year that will hopefully be available for purchase in the near future. In addition to these two secret projects we are looking for anyone in the community who would like to show off a project at our booth.

There is a thread in the sbhackerspace google group: about general logistics and organization.

Last years projects include:
The hackerspace’s first project, the ROV
the Nick-ulous rift, an ipad mini based VR headset, made by Nick Winters
the raspberry-apple pi, an apple pi built into an apple IIe which harnessed the apple’s original keyboard for input, by chad page
and the ever infamous and tempermental moodstar

Projects for this years booth so far include:
secret project #1, a novel 3d printer prototype, by Tech Mothership / Mike Kapuscik and Nick Winters
secret project #2, a novel plotter prototype, by Nick Winters, and Randy Szarzynski
a nest camera project developed for the santa barbara autobahn society to monitor bird nesting
line followers from the mechatronic monday meetings
3D printed bronze-casting, by Nevin Littlehale
and more to come

To submit a project for us to bring please email with a description and photos and we will get back to you ASAP.

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