Arduino class hosted by Fishbon

Arduino class hosted by Fishbon

Hi folks. A lot of you know about this, but I wanted to make sure we got the word out. The workshops start this Sunday, March 3rd!

Come on down for some hands on work with Arduino as we build out some cool projects for the upcoming Lucidity Festival (
Upcoming Workshop: Artists & Maker’s Introduction to Microcontrollers.
Learn how to make your projects electronic and interactive with microcontrollers!
Have you ever thought about adding an interactive “Wow!” to a project you’re working on? Microcontrollers, like Arduino, are emerging as the ideal way to create and program interesting electronic interactions using a wide range of input and outputs: buttons and buzzers, bells and lights, lasers and vibrators, video and sound. Everything customized to blink or buzz or move exactly when you want it to.
Fishbon ( and the Santa Barbara Hackerspace ( will be running a series of workshops to help creative people make interesting things with microcontrollers. The workshops will be held at the Pescadrome located at:
The first four Sundays in March, 10am to 12pm.  $15 per person per week. Bring an Arduino (Uno, Duemilanove, or any full size compatible) and a laptop. We’ll provide the rest for a self-driven, tutored introduction to microcontrollers, combining hands-on instruction, fun projects, a clear grounding in the terminology and setup, and plenty of free time to pursue your own ideas.
Now available at Radio Shack for $30
Or a generic version for $17.99 +S&H (no ftdi needed)
Also the protoshield for $10 is HIGHLY recommended.
Contact Joe Andrieu ( to sign up, or for questions. Additional details will be emailed to all who RSVP.
P.S. We’ll also be working on microcontroller projects for Lucidity, including a major Fishbon/SB Hackerspace collaboration that will float up in the sky!


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