A Shiny New Toy

A Shiny New Toy

As part of our recent expansion the Santa Barbara Hackerspace has acquired a 3.5 axis mill for all our milling needs. Out of the box it is manual but we will be conerting it to CNC and post the build log in the coming months. This will be replacing / supplementing our current somewhat limited milling abilities. So check back in a few weeks for more information as we tweak and convert our shiny new toy. Once the CNC conversion has been completed we will start a series of classes on how to design things to be milled and how to mill them, so keep an eye out for coming announcements on that.

Update 7/3/2013:

The mill has arrived, and in one piece no less. The mill will need a little attention before its production ready, but we should have that done soon. The mill comes coated in a layer of red grease, after a few hours with a rag and non-flammable solvent we’re ready to grease the moving parts and start tuning it for maximum accuracy and repeatability. Evidence suggests that with some work this mill will reliably cut within .001″. Once we have it dialed in the next step is to purchase or build a cnc conversion kit for the mill. Watch for more updates as we continue to work with the mill.

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