3d Printed Skateboard Wheels

3d Printed Skateboard Wheels

After seeing the 3d printed Gear Bearing, Dan had an idea. Why not make skateboard wheels this way?

So I did.

SB Hackerspace's first 3d printed skateboard wheel

SB Hackerspace’s first 3d printed skateboard wheel

All four wheels

All four wheels

Our dear leader with "upgraded" skateboard

Our dear leader with “upgraded” skateboard

They were printed to be taller than normal wheels, closer to 2.5 inches tall, and made out of ABS, printed at 0.3mm layer height with 2.2 width over layer height and 40% honeycomb infill. Each wheel took 3.5 hours to print, and I didn’t have trouble getting them rotating smoothly. They were greased with white lithium grease which makes them roll even more smoothly.

I have a video of us trying them…

They work, for a few minutes at least. They roll well but quickly the gear bearing gets more loose which doesn’t impact how they roll much during the maybe half our of riding they had. They weren’t printed with quite enough infill so the outermost layer of the wheel comes off like an old retread on the rear wheels, and they aren’t strong enough to take a kick flip.

Broken wheel after kickflip

Broken wheel after kickflip. Also one of the planets skipped a tooth.

Outer perimeter falling off

Outer perimeter falling off of rear wheel

So if you want to print them, use more than 3 perimeters, more than 40% infill, and tune your extrusion amount so that just the right amount of plastic is coming out. Maybe try polycarbonate instead of ABS so that your wheels are durable in polycarbonate ways?

The STL file and modified OpenSCAD file for this skateboard wheel design are on thingiverse.

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